Hip Joint Pain: Causes and Treatment

May 4th, 2010 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Body Pain

Hip joint pain is a fairly common disorder. People suffering from hip joint pain tend to have limited mobility. This condition should be addressed and treated as soon as possible, otherwise it will lead to severe discomfort. Natural pain relief supplements can be a good form of treatment.

There can be several reasons for hip joint pain. Arthritis is one of the most common reasons. Often, if the arthritis is severe enough, hip replacement surgery must be considered.

Other reasons for hip joint pain include: trochanteric bursitis, which results from swelling of the bursa over the outside of the hip joint and can lead to severe joint pain. Tendonitis, in one of the tendons around the hip joint, could lead to hip joint pain too.

Other reasons for hip joint pain include hip wounds, strained muscles or hip fractures, osteonecrosis, and snapping hip syndrome. There are hip related problems which might happen in the course of childhood. These could develop into full fledged disorders in the adult stages. An example of this would be developmental dysplasia, in which hips are incorrectly formed during infancy. This improper formation can lead to difficulties with the hip joints. As the child grows, this condition becomes more serious and can result in limited mobility and reduced range of motion.

Perthes is another childhood disease which can cause permanent damage to the hip joint.

The treatment for hip joint pain depends on the reasons for the pain. This is why correct diagnosis is crucial.

Rest is one of the main treatments for hip joint pain. Warm and cold packs may also be used. Swelling and inflammation may be reduced using these methods. It may be necessary to use crutches to aid in moving around when there is significant joint pain in the hips.

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