How to Avoid Neck Pain

Dec 12th, 2009 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Body Pain

Neck pain is a common complaint, and impacts more than 80% of Americans at one time or another. While there are many reasons for neck pain, one of most frequent causes of neck pain is poor posture.

Luckily, poor posture is also something that most of us can control. So it makes sense that if we try to improve our posture, we might be able to reduce or eliminate our neck pain.

When we have good posture, we are using all the muscles of our lumbar spine and pelvis to support our body weight, and, additionally, when sit or stand straight, our neck is able to support our head without stress.

Here are some tips to help improve your posture:

1. Sleep on your side or back. Avoid sleeping on the stomach; because sleeping on your stomach can create twisting pressure on vertebral joints, and this pressure is there for the entire night. No matter how you sleep, make sure you use medium sized or smaller pillows, and don’t stack multiple pillows under your head. Try to keep your head and neck in a comfortable and neutral position. Use light, feather pillows, rather than foam pillows. Feather pillows more easily take the shape of your neck and head and can help reduce strain.
2. When you’re sitting comfortably, make sure that your knees are lower than your hips. Make sure that your arms are resting comfortably, low to your body, and make sure you’re using any lumbar support built into the seat, by pressing your back against the full length of the chair.
3. When using the computer, use as large a monitor as you can, and turn it slightly upward. Avoid hunching down to see the monitor, and avoid hunching over your desk. Try to sit up as straight as you can. If you are working on the laptop, make use of a specially designed laptop desk or the laptop’s docking port, as working on your lap can lead to arm, neck, and shoulder strain over time.
4. When you are driving a car adjust the mirrors so that you can see the behind and to the sides without too much twisting or turning. Sit squarely in the car seat and use your seat belt.
5. Before bed, be sure to engage in gentle stretching exercises. Do these when you wake up too. This can help reduce and relieve any leftover stress in your neck before it gets worse.
6. One of the biggest causes of neck pain is improper lifting of heavy objects. If you must lift something heavy, use good lifting posture:  Stand close to the object to be lifted. Bend at the hip and knees keeping the head and neck in neutral position. Lift the object so that weight is on hip and leg muscles and not on back and neck. Keep one foot in a slightly forward position so that feet are shoulder distance apart.

Using these strategies will help you avoid neck pain.

To immediately release pressure in your neck, try this gentle stretching exercise.

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