How to Sleep with Body Pain

Jan 25th, 2010 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Body Pain

The experience of body pain while trying to sleep is a cause of distress for millions of people. It seems that in the evenings when people are worn out from their long day and the body is shutting down its defenses, pain seems to jump front and center. And without the ability to ease the pain, the inflammation, the tightness and the stress … getting a deep, sound sleep is impossible.

Without deep sleep the body cannot properly repair and recharge itself … and the next day the pain will be worse. Finding ways to reduce pain and to get deep sleep will do wonders in the long run. During sleep, the body works to repair itself. The liver purifies blood, the muscles repair, serotonin increases. All of these are necessary for pain reduction and elimination.

It’s a catch-22: deep sleep is necessary to relieve body pain, yet nighttime pain keeps you awake, prevents sleep.

In our natural circadian rhythm, or biological clock, sleep is set to take over during the evening hours. We are genetically programmed to get up and lie down with the sun. It was the invention of artificial sources of light (candles and bulbs) that began our stressed-out drive for more working hours at the expense of much-needed rest.

What’s the big deal, you ask, if you sleep only a few hours per night? Chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, attention deficit disorder, chronic migraine and headache, body aches and pain, mental illness, depression and anxiety are all in part caused—or made worse—by lack of sleep. And no caffeine pill or taurine-laced energy drink can cure the dangerous side effects of our global-economy-size workloads.

You need to sleep to relieve and prevent pain. If you cannot, because the pain is too great I suggest taking natural supplements that reduce pain and inflammation without side effects. Two such products are Paractin and Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid (Bio. HA).

Paractin is a clinically-proven extract of the medicinal herb Andrographis Paniculate, which helps correct an imbalanced immune system. This helps cut off the signals that cause inflammation and significantly decrease joint pain. Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid (Bio. HA) is a natural compound found in the tissues surrounding your joints. In its pure form, Bio. HA lubricates cartilage and joints, thus reducing stiffness and body pain caused by friction when the joints rub as a result of over strain or injury. Bio. HA also helps restore and increase flexibility.

While getting over the body pain hump with safe supplementation, you need to create an environment conducive to getting proper deep sleep. Here are seven tips to do just that:

  1. Do not consume ANY sugar or caffeine after 6:00pm.
  2. Stop working at least two hours before bedtime.
  3. Turn off the computer and television at least one hour before bedtime.
  4. Make sure your sleeping quarters are as dark and silent as possible. Studies have shown that those in darker and quieter spaces tend to sleep through the night more deeply than others.
  5. Establish a sleep/wake schedule, and stick to it.
  6. Make a set routine out of bedtime. Change into pajamas, brush your teeth, set out clothes for the morning, even jot down any last thoughts but promise yourself to revisit them tomorrow, then turn off the light… breathe deeply, relax, sleep tight.
  7. If a racing mind is nagging, slow your breath and focus on the sensation of air as it passes through your nose. This will derail those busy thoughts to help you drift off.

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