Sleeping with Body Pain

Feb 17th, 2010 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Body Pain

We are likely never more alone than when we are experiencing chronic pain, and we’re up, awake, in the middle of the night, by ourselves, when everyone else we know and love is resting comfortably.

For someone with chronic pain, poor sleep can be both a cause and effect of body pain. It is difficult to sleep when you are in pain, and then, unfortunately, if you don’t sleep well, your experience of pain can be worse.

If you have back pain, you might make this worse by sleeping on your stomach, but if you sleep on your back, that is painful too.

The other problem is that many medications provided for chronic pain relief can also have the side effect of disrupting sleep.

So how do you sleep better with body pain?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Use your bed only for sleep and sex. If you watch TV or movies in bed, talk on the phone in bed, or do anything else aside from sleeping and having sex in your bed, you need to move the other activities out of the bedroom.
  • Keep your sleeping environment comfortable. Being too warm or too cold can decrease physical comfort, and make it harder for you to go to sleep.
  • Try to focus on the spaces between the pain. It is difficult to sleep when you’re focused on your pain. Try to see if you can notice places where the pain feels less, or fades out a little bit. This can help you find a good position and relax into it.
  • Get regular exercise. Staying reasonably active in the day will help you sleep better at night.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime and waking up time. It’s dangerous to move your sleep time and wake up time all around. Instead, focus on maintaining as much of a schedule as possible.

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