How to Avoid Neck Pain

Apr 22nd, 2010 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Shoulder and Neck Pain

Neck pain is, well, painful. When we experience physical pain in our neck, we feel uncomfortable, irritated, and can’t seem to stop thinking about it.

The biggest cause of neck pain is poor posture. One of the best ways to avoid this ailment is to have good posture as you move through the activities of your day.

When sleeping, try to sleep on your back or side. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, because turning your head to the side creates a twisting pressure on your vertebral joints. Do not use overly large pillows or multiple pillows. If you do, you will extend the neck out of its optimal neutral position. Try to use feather pillows as they form more easily to the shape of your head and can help you avoid neck stress.

While sitting, be sure that you keep your knees below the hips, that your arms are parallel to your body and that you are seated fully in the chair, so that your back is resting against the chair.

When working at the computer, use a large monitor that is tilted slightly up. This will keep you from looking down or hunching your shoulders.  Use larger fonts so you don’t have to pull forward to read the screen. If you are at the computer for long periods of time, you might consider getting an ergonomist to come and assess your office. Ergnomists can help you set up your office environment for your best shoulder and neck health. They will make sure that your desk is at the right height, that your chair is at the right tilt, and that you are working as comfortably as you can. Minimize your laptop use without proper support and stabilization.

When driving, sit in the seat fully and adjust the rearview mirror accordingly. Make sure that you aren’t stressing or straining your neck to view traffic.

Get in the habit of gently stretching and rolling your neck before bed and when you wake up. This can “work out the kinks” in your neck, reducing the chances of neck pain later.

Be very careful when lifting heavy items. Though heavy lifting is often associated with lower back pain, it can also lead to neck pain or neck strain. To lift a heavy object properly, stand close to the object to be lifted. Bend at the hip and knees keeping the head and neck in neutral position. Lift the object so that the weight is on your hip and leg muscles and not on back and neck. Keep one foot in a slightly forward position so that feet are separated at least shoulder distance apart.

While neck pain is definitely a pain in the neck, using these strategies can help you avoid neck pain and live pain free.

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