Is Your Posture Causing Your Neck Pain?

May 24th, 2010 | By Body Pain Admin | Category: Shoulder and Neck Pain

How you typically position your body when going through your day defines your posture. Posture is a key, but sometimes overlooked, aspect of general good health and chronic pain management. Our bodies are designed to move. Our muscles tense and stiffen if we don’t move them enough. Similarly, we can get caught in the grip of poor posture, which can create problems throughout our whole body.

Poor posture can lead to back or shoulder pain, as well as tightness in the hips, and it can strain the muscles and the nerves of the spinal cord. Ultimately, tension on any part of the spinal system can result in neck pain.

Since the body is an interconnected series of joints, strain in any area can lead to chronic body pain in multiple areas.

Here are the biggest culprits of poor posture, especially related to neck pain:

1. Looking upwards or downwards so much that it causes stress on your neck or joints
2. Lifting heavy items by pulling up, scrunching your shoulders up to your neck. Since most of us are stronger on one side than the other, we also might pull up unevenly which can lead to neck pain on one side of the neck more than the other.
3. Cradling your phone or cell phone between your shoulder and neck for a long time or very often
4. Sleeping in such a position that your pillow is not properly supporting your head and neck.
5. Hunching or leaning forward while sitting in a chair, rather than resting comfortably against the back of the chair. When you sit like this very often, your shoulders lean forward and can pull on your neck.

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How it causes neck pain:
Poor posture causes one group of muscles to pull on others, leading to muscle strain and pain. Poor posture can restrict the range of motion of spinal nerves, causing them to pinch and shorten, which leads to pain. Neck muscles get strained if you have perpetually bad posture.

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